The wine, this wine, is grape, it is good, and it is enjoyed. We, the farmers of Santo Stefano, like it because it is made up of sun, earth and little else. A little bit of agricoltural wisdom that our grandfather put aside for us; a passion born of sunrises and sunsets that rise and relax gently on our vineyards and range from east to west. And vertical hills on which the daily ritual of life and vine is climbed and celebrated, day after day. Tèrmen, a wine born on the border between the earth and the sun. The long winter of oblivion soothes its youthful exuberance while spring awakens its scents, when the wise elf of life reminds us - remind men - that it is time to revive the restless spirits and infuses them with an anarchic taste that disturbs the palate and it makes us say things. It is a slow - moving wine with a long horizon that tells stories. Stop making noise. Listen to it. Look your friends in the eyes and you will hear a whisper rising from the glass....Uncork and decant to a carafe whit grace. Allow the wine to oxygenate for a few minuts and be prepared to revive your senses generously. Tiny bubbles will bloom fragrances and sensations that will tell you about that land and that sun.

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